About Alphatastic

...our little business for your little people

We are husband and wife team, Matt & Terri and this is the story of Alphatastic

It all started just 3 years ago with the birth of our beautiful little girl, Bonnie-May. Like most new parents we wanted everything to be perfect for our little bundle of joy, from the buggy to the bedding and the clothes to the toys, it all had to be special enough for our tiny princess. There was however, something Terri wanted that she just couldn’t find anywhere…  Bonnie-May’s name in a themed picture.

Amongst the wooden letters, fabric letters and wall plaques we had come across all the usual name things to adorn a nursery wall, but what we were looking for was something unusual, something special … something truly personal, so that is when Matt decided to create a picture himself. As an experienced artist and illustrator, Matt relished in the personal challenge and soon set about creating a personalised picture for our little girl’s nursery.

With beautiful illustrations that captured the innocence of this short but magical time in her life and with her name firmly the focus of the picture, Terri was so pleased with the resulting artwork that as soon as our little boy Zachary was born 2 years later, her first thought was to get Matt creating another one!

No sooner had the words been said and we both instantly remarked, albeit in jest, that we should start creating pictures for others! As it turns out, transforming that silly little idea into an actual business has taken quite a bit longer that saying it … 12 months longer in fact! Alphatastic’s range of exquisite themes were painstakingly artworked throughout the whole of 2010 and with one final push the Alphatastic.com website was launched on the 1st November, just in time for Christmas!

Why the strange name?” you may ask. Well after a whole evening of discussion, we just couldn’t think of a suitable name for our ‘fantastic alphabets’ so for better or worse and with an empty bottle of wine on the table, we settled on a playful merging of the words. Alphabet Fantastic!

It really has been an incredible journey to this point, and we can only imagine what may lie ahead.

We would love to hear from you, maybe with your thoughts on our unique products, any ideas of your own or simply just to say hi.

Just drop us an email at info@alphatastic.com or get in touch through our Twitter and Facebook pages.

We look forward to hearing from you …

Matt and Terri Beckenham
Alphatastic Ltd Founders