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ALPHATASTIC.. not Alphaplastic!

Published: 29 Mar 2011

ALPHATASTIC.. not Alphaplastic!

“Why the strange name?” many people ask us how we chose the name Alphatastic. Well after a whole evening of discussion, we just couldn’t think of a suitable name for our ‘fantastic alphabets’ so for better or worse and with an empty bottle of wine on the table, we settled on a playful merging of the words. Alphabet Fantastic!

So many times people have asked about the name, that we are thinking it must be stranger than we imagined! Surprisingly, it is also strange how many people cannot spell Alphatastic. We have noted a good percentage of people spell it incorrectly. .. we’re not talking children .. adults!

It could not be simpler really.. It’s Alpha as in Alphabet and tastic as in fantastic! Not AlphabetFantastic or Alphabettastic, alphabetastic, alphabet tastic or even Alphabetastical or alphatastical. It’s not Alfatastic, creators of special Alfabet name art! Nor are we Alpha Art, Alphabet Art, Alfertastic, alfotastic or alpha-tastic!... you get the picture?

Another one is particularly amusing, although this often comes following a phone conversation…. no we are not Alpha-Plastic, Alphaplastic or Alpha plastic.  We are alphatastic baby name pictures!
Nope, neither Art tastic, name tastic nor alphasuperfragalistic…,, ALPHATASTIC!!

Personalised name art from Alphatastic


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  • Fairy Princess - theme name print

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  • Noah’s Ark - theme name print

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    Animal Antics Pink

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  • Toy Box Girl - theme name print

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