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looking for unique baby gift ideas - New Born Baby or Toddler Personalised Gift ideas.

Published: 26 Mar 2011

looking for unique baby gift ideas - New Born Baby or Toddler Personalised Gift ideas.

Unique New Baby Gift Ideas

Looking for something extra special to present to a new born baby?

We all struggle to find presents for people at the best of times, whether it be family or friends, young or old. The first hurdle is to ask yourself, “what do they like?”, unless you live with the gift recipient then you almost always will not have a clue! Now apply that question to a baby and you’ll have even less ideas.. after all, what present do you buy for a baby when all babies do is sleep and eat. If you are looking for alternative baby gift ideas, whether a newborn or toddler, then Alphatastic is perfect for you.

There’s only one – Creators of fine personalised baby presents to make their day!

With an alphatastic personalised name picture, your special little baby will have a gift that is very unique and personal to them.  They make very unique personalised christening gifts, amazing personalised new born baby presents and special gift ideas for a baby naming ceremony. Personalised baby presents often can be just personalised silver cutlery, plates or even a personalised drinks cup. Our personalised baby name pictures offer so much more and our pictures make great nursery wall art.

Check out our unique baby gift ideas

Visit Alphatastic to see our beautiful themes including Noah’s Ark and many more popular childrens nursery themes.



Personalised name art from Alphatastic


  • Farmyard Fun - theme name print

    Farmyard Fun

  • Fairy Princess - theme name print

    Fairy Princess

  • Farmyard Fun Pink - theme name print

    Farmyard Fun Pink

  • Pirate Bay - theme name print

    Pirate Bay

  • Noah’s Ark - theme name print

    Noah’s Ark

  • Animal Antics Pink - theme name print

    Animal Antics Pink

  • Toy Box Boy - theme name print

    Toy Box Boy

  • Toy Box Girl - theme name print

    Toy Box Girl