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The Perfect Fun Easter Egg Hunt - Indoors or Outside!

Published: 27 Apr 2011

The Perfect Fun Easter Egg Hunt - Indoors or Outside!

How and Where to Hold the perfect easter egg hunt!

traditional Easter Egg hunt is an activity game that many households enjoy each and every year.
This can involve just hiding the eggs in various places around the house and home and setting your children free to demolish your house or garden in the eager pursuit of chocolate or in a more ordered fashion with clues strategically left by Mum or Dad!
When we say ordered fashion, we also have to say that there is never a quiet egg hunt in the Alphatastic.  Household. If, as an adult you are unfortunate enough to be standing between your children and their next egg, then it is your own fault if end up flattened in the mayhem!
You should really make it as fun as possible for the children, so get them moving and guessing.. afterall its only one day a year! Done well, you will have made a memory for the children that will stay with them forever- just see next year when they pester for more of the same!
What day should you hold your egg hunt?
Easter good Friday , Saturday or Sunday.. its really up to you.
How to plan the hunt

In the Alphatastic.  house we always start from a first clue, handed to our children.
When planning the layout, it is more fun if clues are widely dispersed and kept down to under ten stages.
You might, for instance start in the kitchen and then send them upstairs to the furthest room away with the first clue and when they find that it send them to the back of the garden and from there back to a bathroom, etc..  in short – just get them moving around as much as possible, unless of course you happen to live in a mansion, then fill your boots!
It is often very hilarious watching them run off in the wrong direction before they have properly read the rhyme, as they are too eager to get there before their siblings.

Rhyming clues.
great for 3-4 year olds. These are fun and easy to do. We plan these by first thinking where we want to hide the next clue. Then think to youself, what rhymes with that hiding place or something that is there? So, if the first is in Grandpa’s pocket, it might go:

Well done, you found the first clue
Is the next one far?
Perhaps you might try looking on
the one you call Grandpa?
Or if the clue is in the shower, it might go :
The Easter Eggs are near now,
On this I’d like to bet
The only place that they’re hiding in
They’re sure to get very wet.
It is fun to see how quickly the toddlers get the clue and slightly cryptic ones are better because children tend to disperse in pursuit of their own lone success, rather than hunting along together like sheep.
Hide the clues at the location of your choosing - but don’t make them too obvious or it will spoil the easter fun… If you are going to use Grandma, please make sure she is not too frail – give her warning!
Don’t forget to video the mayhem - it is bound to be memorable…and you may get £250 from who’s been framed!.
Another idea is to add a pirate theme to extend the fun:
Start by drawing a map that represents the floor plan of the house or garden but put your creative spin on it to make it look like an island. Then you mark the positions of the eggs on the map or one big cross for the mother egg!... Stairs can be represented by a cliff, a pond as waterfall etc..

Whether indoors or outside – make your easter egg fun!.

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